Iam Super Juice

In Asia, Surinamese/Dutch Firoz searched for an alternative to fruit juice from concentrate, because his cousin was allergic to it. After a long search and after trying lots of different drinks, he concluded that the existing products were either not particularly flavoursome or they contained large amounts of sugar. This inspired Firoz to develop his own product: I am Super Juice! A drink made from fresh fruit as opposed to concentrate.
  • Name: Iam Super Juice
  • Category: Fruit juices
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Perfect Serve: from can or bottle

Iam Super Juice Assortment:

Coconut Water

Glas 25cl

This refreshing drink contains more potassium than four bananas, reduces blood pressure and helps relieve hangovers because of its restorative effect on the body.



Glas 25cl

Has natural healing power and helps to strengthen the immune system. A natural source of energy.


Passion Fruit

Glas 25cl

This drink, which has a positive impact on the mood, contains a very high level of antioxidants, vitamins A & C, iron and copper and therefore aids digestion.



Glas 25cl

This tasty thirst-quencher is good for the skin, helps with weight loss and improves metabolism.



Glas 25cl

This delicious drink reduces cholesterol levels, has a natural and healing power and stimulates circulation.



Glas 25cl

A familiar flavour that is good for the skin and has a restorative effect on the skin. It also helps to improve the digestion process.



  • Juices are freshly squeezed where the fruits are harvested
  • Just 5 days from harvesting to bottling
  • Lowest calories within the category
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