In 1990, a professional rugby player injured his knee. He attended a fitness club and saw athletes drinking high-calorie drinks, which just didn't make sense to him - there had to be another way! VITHIT was then born, a combination of delicious and healthy elements: water, fruit juice, 100% of the recommended daily amount of at least 7 vitamins and tea.
  • 'Fewer calories than an apple'
  • Name: Vithit
  • Category: Functional
  • Origin: Ireland

VITHIT Assortment:


Pet 50cl

The delicious taste of mandarin, along with green tea and vitamin C, perfect for inner cleansing.



Pet 50cl

A natural energiser based on berries, ginseng and redbush tea.


VITHIT Immunitea

Pet 50cl

As well as dragonfruit and yuzu fruit, this blend also contains zinc, Ceylon tea and 100% of the recommended daily amount of 8 vitamins.


VITHIT Lean & Green

Pet 50cl

This blend of apple and elderflower contains Mate tea and L-carnitine, which helps transfer fat to the muscles.


More about Vithit

  • Every bottle contains fewer calories than an apple (max. 35 calories)
  • Lowest amount of sugar within the 'functional drinks' category
  • 100% of the recommended daily amount of at least 7 vitamins
  • No preservatives, flavour enhancers or colourants.
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