Inquisitive and rebellious!

It is very easy to build on existing successes, but that isn’t how Lekker Fris works. Because we are inquisitive and just a bit rebellious, we know there are always new opportunities for all of our associates. To make the most of those opportunities, we want to be a little fresher every day. This enables us to achieve the maximum freshness from every (new) day. We are a team of energetic, enthusiastic, motivated, young and sporty professionals. People with courage for brands with guts.

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Carlo van Overveld Founder
Lieve Korevaar Brand Activator
Wouter Buijsse Business Development Manager
Isabel Rijpert Supply Chain Manager
Ruud Goesten Founder
Claudine van Kooten Business Unit Manager
Joris Lansdaal Trade Marketing Manager
Joris Jaspar Finance & Logistics Manager
Esther Simons HR
Linda Spitters Supply Chain Planner
Tom van Esch Creative Development Manager
Marcha de Groot Brand Manager
Myrthe van Herpen Marketing manager
Ed Geurts Business Development Manager Monin
Erik Ballema Brand Ambassador Monin
Sam Treemuangpak Monin Creative
Martijn Meens National account Manager
Gamze Dilci National Account Manager
Dennis Durlinger Regional Account Manager
Peter Bergsma Key Account Manager Retail
Oussama ben Touhami Key Account Manager Retail