Finest brands
for the finest moments

Brands create Lekker Fris. We love courageous brands, which are distinctive in terms of flavour and perception. These could be well-known reputable brands that have been responsible for amazing times for many years, but also brands that still have everything to prove but which we have total confidence in.

There are strong brands that will really shake up categories, such as AriZona and Evian. There are brands that do not have competitors, simply because they themselves are the category. And there are brands with huge growth potential. We love them all and we will make every one of them stronger.

In our continual search for new soft drink experiences, we use a worldwide network. At the same time, we keep our own eyes and ears open. Of course, we also travel extensively and it is great to make a new discovery somewhere.

Take a look at our online portfolio and if you would like to know more or receive a sample, please contact us.