If you understand consumers, you can engage them.

At Lekker Fris, we believe soft drink brands are build in the on-trade sector. Therefore we make sure that our brands feature prominently in this industry. Not only do we target generic campaigns and promotions, we also create tailor-made activations and promotions which focus entirely on the brand, the environment and having a great time.

In the on-trade, the creation of an experience is of paramount importance and strong brands contribute to this in their own way. Such as AriZona with unique designs and Iam that, with a low calorie content (in comparison to other juices), reflects current health trends. Brands also work on perception in those ways: from sunny beach terraces and great restaurants, to perfect brasseries and welcoming tea rooms.

Although we are young and fresh, we have already gained vast experience. We know our consumers inside out and we know what is needed to tempt them and to give them a great time. Some people think that consumers are unpredictable, but we really love responding to unpredictability.