Trends follow each other in quick succession. We are very vigilant and if the opportunity presents itself, we respond to trends, but we actually prefer to set fresh new trends. There are currently four relevant trends. Are you curious?


There is a high demand for local, honest products, products which are preferably pure with no added chemicals. Ideally they are 100% natural and organic. Consider, for example, local freshly squeezed juices or drinks that indirectly contribute to our environment, because a percentage of the proceeds is donated to a charitable cause. Sustainability counts: consumers believe it is important that farmers aren't squeezed and that the environment is managed responsibly.

Premium it is

Consumers are looking for a higher level of quality. We are convinced that the demand for premium products will take a quantum leap within the drinks category. Consumers have high expectations; they don't mind paying more for a product, but then they expect true added value: a delicate flavour, more intensive experience and higher level of quality. Hand-crafted, traditional products receive a lot of 'likes'. The producers' personal stories also impress consumers who are looking for authenticity. This trend is reflected in all channels of the on-the-go market to the retail sector.


Health is such a huge topic, you come across it online and offline everywhere. Rightly so. It is important to be engaged in health. Too sweet is really over, refreshing is hot. Soft drinks with a lower calorie content are popular. Furthermore, consumers demand freshness without fragrance, color and flavor. There is a great demand for functional drinks (with vitamins or proteins, for example). That fits perfectly with the convenience trend, because that way you get good nutrients without having to put in a lot of effort. We see products that give extra energy and recharge via a natural boost more and more on the market.

Emotional value

Drinks are not only functional, but also have emotional value. What you see is that people buy a retro bottle for example. Just because found it so special as a child. Trendy drinks are not only bought because they are delicious ... with such a brand you want to be seen. If you buy or drink a tropical drink, you think back to a great holiday or perhaps to your family. Just like in the catering industry, more qualitative, exclusive soft drinks are now also being drunk at home with beautiful glasses and garnishments. Let us not forget that the taste sensation is also a primary reason to buy a drink.